Profhilo treatments with Amy Wells Aesthetics.​

As with all of our skin treatments, we take Profhilo treatments seriously for the benefit of our patients. This means you get the very best results with safety and effectiveness at the forefront of every procedure.


Amy Wells is also fully trained in the use of Profilho, which means you know you can trust the work she carries out in this area.

What is Profhilo?


Profhilo is an injectable remodelling skin treatment that contains one of the highest concentrations of hyaluronic acid available.


You might have heard Profhilo referred to as an injectable moisturiser, however, there is much more to the product than this.



Firstly, Profhilo helps to target skin laxity and dullness. A properly carried out Profhilo treatment also improves the overall quality of the skin whilst increasing collagen levels. The high concentration of hyaluronic acid helps with this, which is where Profhilo products differ from competitors in the skin treatment industry.


Most importantly for the majority of patients is the outcome of Profhilo, which is a fabulous glow in the treated areas.



Profhilo reviews are outstanding for a reason, primarily because a medical-based Profhilo treatment hydrates the skin substantially. This stimulates cells to boost collagen and elastin production, which lifts and tightens the skin, too.


The result is a more youthful look with a higher quality of skin overall.

Profhilo before & after photos​


Take a look at some Profhilo before and after images to get an idea of the benefits Profhilo treatments can have on your skin.




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